Boutique Hotels In Northern Israel

צימרים מומלצים - עדנ'ס בוטיק המלצות על מתחמי נופש יוקרתיים

3 Awesome Hotels In Israel For An Unforgettable Getaway !

If you are looking for a wonderful escape in Israel to create everlasting memories, you’ve hit the jackpot by landing on this article. We will introduce you to the best boutique hotels in northern Israel that will make you stand in awe from the beauty of the hotel and everything that surrounds it !
And with summer in the way, there is no better time than Northern Israel and a view from the Golan Heights, or a day by the shores of the sea of Galilee.
1. Mizpe Hayamim Spa Hotel
An ideal spot that has the best of all worlds ! A swimming pool, a spa, and a terrace on the panoramic view of the Galilee sea that is 20 minutes away. What else would you want for a vacation near the shore of the Sea of Galilee ?
That’s not it. Mizpe Hayamim Hotel offers a corner for your special Tea and Coffee time, made of fresh milk and local herbs to get a taste of nature as you contemplate the stunning Galilee sea from your balcony !
2. Cnaan Village Boutique Hotel and Spa
Providing the same view on the Galilee, plus a private garden, a free hot sauna, and a swimming pool !
Not only that, at Cnaan village, you will get to enjoy your time next to the fireplace in your room, as you sip your fancy wine made at the local boutique winery.
3. Eden’s Boutique
And we’re saving the best for last. Eden’s boutique is the dreamy destination you wouldn’t want to miss !
Offering you a taste of every shade on the spectrum of the loveliest cultures, you will be getting a worldwide experience from the warmth of Eden’s luxury rooms !